Multimedia CD Presentation

Say it with animation

A picture speaks a thousand words; one glance and a thousand messages are easily conveyed. A moving picture, accompanied by sound, is even more powerful. A message that takes dozens of pages and hours to read when put on paper can be captured in a few short minutes with visual effects and accompanying audio effects. A good multimedia presentation involves the following elements: Macromedia Flash animations, non-flash visual effects such as video streaming, and audio effects.

Creative Globe is very much capable of translating whatever information a client wishes to be conveyed to its audience from a powerful multimedia presentation, whether it is just a simple clip or a full streaming video application. A message needs to be conveyed, and we can covey this in a way suited to the clients business needs, in different languages if the client so desires.

Aside from software applications necessary to make a successful multimedia presentation, we also offer full in-house video production facilities and full encoding services for the website. The presentations that we make can be made compatible with different video conversion standards all over the world. Sound clips from the audio effects and still pictures can be effectively taken from these presentations, to be stored in tapes, CDs or DVDs.

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